What makes your CV look attractive?

What makes your CV look attractive?

Having a great CV that stands out from the crowd is essential if you want to get noticed by potential employers. Your CV should be well-structured, concise and easy to read, and it should reflect your professional experience and skills in the best possible light. But what exactly makes a CV attractive? Here are some tips to help you create a CV that stands out.

Table of Contents

  1. Be concise
  2. Highlight Achievements
  3. Add a Summary
  4. Tailor Your CV
  5. Formatting Matters
  6. Include Contact Information
  7. Proofread

Be Concise

Employers usually receive hundreds of applications for each position they advertise, so they don’t have time to read through long CVs. Your CV should be no longer than two pages, and it should include only the most important information. Leave out any irrelevant information or details that could distract the reader’s attention. Make sure to include only relevant job experience and skills, and keep the language clear and concise.

Highlight Achievements

Highlighting your accomplishments is a great way to show potential employers what you can bring to the table. If you have any awards or certificates, mention them in your CV. Also, try to quantify your achievements as much as possible. For example, instead of saying you managed a team of five people, mention that you led a team of five people to achieve a specific goal. This will help make your CV more attractive and memorable.

Add a Summary

A CV summary or personal profile is a great way to make your CV stand out from the crowd. It’s a short statement at the beginning of your CV that summarises your experience and skills. It should be no more than four sentences long, and it should highlight your most relevant qualifications and work experience. This is a good way to give employers a quick overview of who you are and what you can do.

Tailor Your CV

When applying for a job, it’s important to tailor your CV to the position you’re applying for. Make sure to highlight the skills and experience that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Also, try to use the same language and terminology as used in the job listing. This will show employers that you’ve put thought and effort into your application.

Formatting Matters

The format of your CV is also important. Make sure to use a professional font and keep the layout of your CV simple and easy to read. Also, be sure to use headings and bullet points to break up large blocks of text and make your CV easier to read. If you’re not sure how to format your CV, there are many free templates available online.

Include Contact Information

Make sure to include your contact information in your CV and make it easy to find. Include your full name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Also, make sure to include a link to your LinkedIn profile or other professional profiles, such as your website, if you have one.


Finally, make sure to proofread your CV before sending it out. Be sure to check for typos, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. Also, double-check that all the information in your CV is up-to-date and accurate. Having a well-written and error-free CV will help you stand out from the crowd.

Creating a great CV that stands out from the crowd can be challenging, but it’s essential if you want to get noticed by potential employers. Following these tips will help you create an attractive CV that will help you get the job you want. Remember to be concise, highlight your achievements, tailor your CV, use proper formatting, include your contact information, and proofread your CV before sending it out.

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