This mugshot apparently shoes Stout unconscious and being propped up by an officer following his Feb. 2, arrest in Bullhead City.

The mugshot of Robert Stout, above, released by BHCPD on Feb. 3, is said to be seven years old. At left, a mughot apparently showing Stout unconscious and being propped up by an officer during booking at the Kingman Jail following his Feb. 2, arrest in Bullhead City.

Special to the Independent

BULLHEAD CITY — A Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputy says he is “disgusted” about the treatment of a Bullhead City man earlier this month.

The man’s mother also is speaking out about her son’s condition.

According to a Bullhead City Police Department press release, on Feb. 2, Robert Eugene Stout, 32, was arrested in Bullhead City after Mohave Area General Narcotics Team (MAGNET) detectives saw Stout carrying a safe on Colorado Boulevard near Hancock Road. Stout threw the safe at officers and ran. He was tasered after a foot pursuit, at which time he allegedly was found to be in possession of 26.5 grams of methamphetamine and 5.5 grams of marijuana. He was taken into custody, transported to the county jail, and booked for aggravated assault on a police officer, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The MCSO deputy, speaking on condition of anonymity, and Theresa Stout, the suspect’s mother, say BHCPD isn’t telling the whole story. Both are saying Stout was severely beaten before arriving in Kingman for booking, and the suspect was in such
bad condition in his booking photo that police instead released a 7-year-old photo of him to the media.

Bullhead City Police Department spokeswoman Emily Montague said Monday when Stout was tasered, he “landed face first on the road, causing a facial injury/bleeding.”

Her statement continues: “The officers immediately called for paramedics. Stout was transported to WARMC. He was released into police custody after he was deemed by WARMC medical staff to be cleared for incarcerations. Medical staff advised he had some non-displaced facial fractures that should heal on their own.”

Before contacting Stout, Montague said detectives had received information he had a handgun in his possession, but it was found he had no weapon.

The deputy said when Stout arrived in Kingman for booking, he was in a wheelchair, immobile and non-responsive, with contusions and still had dirt in his eye from where he apparently fell on the ground. “Our medical staff didn’t want to receive custody of him.”

The deputy said Stout was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center, where he was cleaned up and released after hospital staff examined negative CT scan results from WARMC.

Stout was returned to the jail facility for booking about 5:30 a.m. Feb. 3, at which time the deputy said Stout was still unresponsive. He said Stout was sent back to KRMC, at which time another CT scan was taken, which showed multiple brain bleeds and a possible aneurysm. Stout was then flown immediately to Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Stout has since returned to the county jail medical facility. He was scheduled for a court appearance on Feb. 10, but the deputy said Stout was still in no condition to attend. The deputy said Stout is improving and he believes he will eventually recover.

The deputy said two booking photos were taken of Stout, one in Bullhead City and one at the county jail, with both images showing Stout being propped up by officers. The deputy also said the probable cause statement appears to be missing from Stout’s file.

MCSO spokeswoman Trish Carter said Tuesday the office is looking into what took place at the point Stout was taken into custody in Kingman.

Carter also confirmed the county jail physician would not accept custody of Stout until he was seen at KRMC. “One day later, he was returned to KRMC and life flighted to Sunrise Hospital where he stayed overnight and released back to the county jail the next day,” she said.

Theresa Stout said in the early morning hours before Stout’s arrest, “the police broke down my front door … looking for my son and just tore my home up.”

She said she asked the police if they had a warrant for her son’s arrest, but they indicated they only had a warrant to search her house. She also said her son called her home to talk to one of the officers, and the unidentified officer, who was wearing a mask, got angry and said “Well, I will just shoot him when I see him.”

She was allowed one limited visit with her son last week, and said he didn’t know where he was. She said she also noticed his hands “truly look like they were been stepped on” and his face was cut and bruised on both sides. “I work in the medical field and some bruises do not show for a few days.”

She also said Bullhead City Police Capt. Mark Moss asked her why she had been speaking with the media.

“My son is still not in good condition,” she said. “There is a lot behind all this mess the police keep hidden from my family and friends. I know the truth.”