SPECIAL REPORT: More Immigration Papers Released On Obama Family

Nov 29, 2011 by

By Heather Smathers
Independent Staff Writer

— U.S. Customs and Immigration has released several more documents that potentially raise more questions about President Obama and his family around the time of his birth.
The release is in response to a dozen of Freedom of Information Act requests following the April, 2011 release of Barack Obama Sr.’s immigration file. The contents of that file were first published by The Arizona Independent.
A Boston Globe reporter, Sally Jacobs, had the file for more than two years before The Independent’s story was published.
Among the documents include a sworn affidavit by Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham Soetoro, stating, “My true and correct name is Stanley Ann Soetoro and I am not known by any other names other than Stanley Ann Dunham.” There is no mention of the Obama name.
The President’s primary school enrollment information lists his citizenship as Indonesian and his religion as Islam. Obama’s citizenship and religion have been the source of much controversy throughout his term.
Like Obama Sr., it also appears Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen, had trouble retaining his student visa. The Indonesian Embassy requested that Soetoro terminate his studies at the University of Hawaii in order to return to Indonesia. In addition, Soetoro’s sponsoring organization, the Center for East-West Studies, did not want to help him obtain a waiver to his student visa.
“We cannot, in good conscience, extend East-West Center sponsorship of his visa or agree to his remaining in the United States.”
The documents also include a divorce certificate for Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, citing “grievous mental suffering” inflicted upon Mrs. Obama by Mr. Obama.”
Many of the recently released documents include pages that are redacted in whole or part, with some being referred to the State Department for review.
In addition to the files on the Soetoros and the elder Obama, most of the pages include internal communications relating to each request, although much of that information is redacted.
One requester, Kenneth Allen, of Tucson, has filed a federal lawsuit regarding his FOIA request; the court filings are in the recently released paperwork. Pamela Barnett, retired US Army Captain, also has a pending lawsuit against the government to release documents related to Obama’s citizenship.
Sally Jacobs, the Boston Globe reporter who requested the documents in 2009, used the research to write a book about the elder Obama, The Other Barack, which was released in July, 2011.

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