Foster Parents Needed In Mohave County

Jun 16, 2011 by

Mohave County officials are looking for a few good foster parents.
“The current economy has hit some families harder than others,” said Dana Hlavac, deputy county manager of Criminal Justice Services. “Homelessness and other issues that have caused some parents to be unable to properly care for their children have led the Mohave County Court system to temporarily separate some children from their parents. The primary goal of these court actions is to reunify each child with his or her family in a healthy environment.”
During the time that the court and other county agencies work with parents to correct the issues that inhibit reunification, “children need stable homes to protect them and ensure a nurturing environment. Each year, our courts have to remove anywhere from 250 to 300 children ages 0 to 17 from their families.”
For more information, call Hlavac at (928) 753-0738.
Anyone interested in become a Mohave County foster parent should contact one of the following foster licensing agencies:
HRT (Human Resource Training, Inc.) Administrative Assistant Jennifer Hurley in the Kingman office at (928) 753-9554; Catholic Charities in the Kingman office at (928) 716-3202; Arizona’s Children Association, Western Region Program, in the Yuma office at (928) 344-8800; or AmeriPsych in the Yuma office at (928) 341-0640.

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